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HIKING IN KOREA: Section 5 of Daejeon Dullesan-gil (Gyejoksanseonggil Trail)

Gyejoksanseonggil Trail

Section five of Daejeon Dullesan-gil, also known as Gyejoksanseonggil Trail, is one of my favorite trails to hike around the Daejeon. It is the 5th section of the 133 km mountain trail Daejeon’s surrounding mountains – connecting mountains like Maninsan, Sikjangsan, and Gyejoksan mountain. I have hiked this trail several times in winter and summer, and it’s been a different experience every time. Less than an hour into the course, you arrive at Galyeonseong fortress – Daejeon’s city monument 12, where you are graced with beautiful city views of the Southeastern part of Daejeon on the left side and idyllic …