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Day Trip to Gyejoksan Red Clay Trail in Daejeon (계족산 황톳길)


Walking barefoot might be something you only do in the comfort of your home but not the 1,500 hikers who visit the Gyejoksan Red Clay trail every year. Located in the outskirts of Daejeon, the 14.5 km foot trail around Gyejoksan mountain is a popular attraction not only to the locals but also tourists. This eco-healing trail (Hwantotgil) was established in 2006 to provide a place where locals and tourists can enjoy nature. One day during his usual hiking, President Cho Wung Rae saw a lady doddering in high heels. He took off his shoes and gave them to her …

Hiking Hallasan – South Korea’s Tallest Mountain

A bird at the summit of Hallasan

Located in Jeju island, Hallasan (Halla)  Mountain is one of the “top three” mountains in South Korea situated at 1,950 meters above sea level. It was designated Korea’s National monument in 1966 and a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002. The mountain has over 360 volcanic cones (Oreums) scattered around it with a crater lake at the summit that is said to be active even though it has not erupted in more than 5000 years. Mt. Halla is a big part of Jeju island and its culture and can almost be seen standing tall from any part of the island. …